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Fire Erupts in Karachi’s Ayesha Manzil Area

Karachi: A six-story apartment building near Karachi’s busy Ayesha Manzil faced a fire on Wednesday, causing at least two injuries. The incident started in a shop due to a short circuit, spreading quickly to shops in the furniture market below and then throughout the entire building, which had 250 shops and 450 apartments.

Thanks to the quick action of the Fire Department, the building was completely evacuated in two hours. During the rescue, one person with severe burns was saved, and Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab confirmed two injuries.

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Rescue 1122 successfully evacuated over 300 people, expressing concerns about the building’s potential collapse. A search operation is ongoing despite some control over the fire. This incident follows another major fire less than two weeks ago, where a shopping mall on Rashid Minhas Road resulted in 11 deaths.

Recent fires have raised questions about fire safety in Karachi’s many apartment complexes, housing almost 20 million people. After the Rashid Minhas Road fire, authorities began a fire safety audit, but the Ayesha Manzil fire occurred before completion.

While no major injuries are reported in this incident, it’s highlighted that people largely evacuated on their own, emphasizing the pressing need for better fire safety measures in both residential and commercial structures across the city.

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