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Foreign funding case turned into money laundering

Chances of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan's arrest

Karachi: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) changed the foreign funding case to a money laundering case and named Imran Khan as the main accused, under which a summons notice has also been issued to him and his arrest in case of non-appearance. There are possibilities.

FIA Karachi has sent a second summons notice to PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the money laundering case on October 31 at his residence at Bani Gala and Zaman Park Lahore.

Imran Khan has been directed to appear before FIA ​​Karachi on Monday October 31 with the documents.

The FIA ​​maintained that Imran Khan withdrew crores of rupees from abroad from the Jinnah Avenue branch of a private bank based in Islamabad and used the account himself.

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According to sources, if Imran Khan does not appear before the FIA, he is likely to be arrested as the PTI chairman has not approached the court for protective bail.

FIA sources say that there is a possibility of arresting three important leaders of PTI from Karachi in the foreign funding case. If Imran did not appear on Monday, the FIA ​​Karachi team will leave for Islamabad or Lahore next week to arrest Imran.

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