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Govt to appeal SC’s military courts verdict over “serious” implications: PM

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has announced the government’s intention to appeal the recent Supreme Court decision against the trial of civilians in military courts, citing “serious” implications. In interviews with private television channels, he emphasized that the law was promulgated by parliament, making it the appropriate forum for any necessary changes. The government will thoroughly examine the court’s reasoning before pursuing the appeal, as the verdict is believed to have far-reaching consequences.

Prime Minister Kakar also highlighted the security implications and social impacts of the decision, emphasizing the direct link between military installations and national security. He expressed concern about the potential consequences for civilians involved in activities related to the Strategic Planning Division (SPD) and vowed to address these issues.

Discussing the political situation, the prime minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to supporting the electoral process and ensuring a level playing field for all political parties. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the PTI following events on May 9, emphasizing the need for peaceful political gatherings.

Prime Minister Kakar dismissed allegations of the caretaker government favoring any specific political party, asserting that the government’s policy is impartial and free from fear or favor. He also stated that no evidence of institutional interference in favor of or against any party had been found.

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Regarding the future of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Prime Minister Kakar indicated that it would depend on the judicial outcomes of the cases against him. He reflected on his past support for Khan and the need for political leaders to refrain from declaring “war against the state.”

Addressing the issue of expelling illegal foreign nationals from Pakistan, Prime Minister Kakar explained that thousands of people had left, some voluntarily, and mentioned that the Afghan side was prepared to accept their return. He clarified that registered refugees would not be deported and emphasized that the operation was targeted at illegal residents and those with stolen identities. An incentive-based mechanism was also planned to facilitate the process.

To combat terrorist attacks from the TTP originating in Afghanistan, the prime minister declared that Pakistan would explore all options to ensure the security of its citizens, and the return of illegal foreign nationals was connected to this security effort.

On the economic front, Prime Minister Kakar highlighted the positive impact of the depreciation of the dollar value, which reduced the country’s debt burden by Rs 4,000 billion and led to lower oil prices. Price control committees were activated to extend the benefits to consumers, and the government was prepared for an IMF review with hopes of receiving the second tranche of the loan.

In response to questions about his recent media interaction, the prime minister clarified that he intended to initiate a conversation about the evolving business model of media outlets, expressing concerns about potential influences of government advertisements on editorial policy. He stressed the importance of open public discourse and transparency in media.

Prime Minister Kakar’s statements address key national issues and provide insight into the government’s priorities during his tenure as caretaker prime minister.

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