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IMF asked for details of flood-related expenses

Islamabad: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has sought details of flood-related expenses in Pakistan.

According to Leading News, sources in the Ministry of Finance say that the data related to the economic performance of the first quarter of the current financial year has already been given to the IMF, in addition to the IMF related to the flood disasters that have occurred worldwide. The data compiled in the context of the reports of the institutions were also shared.

Earlier, the IMF was requested to relax considering the effects of flood disasters, in which, in the online meeting held with the finance minister yesterday, the subsidies for the disadvantaged and poor sections due to floods were reconsidered. It was also indicated.

Now the IMF has asked Pakistan for the details of flood-related expenses including the expenses incurred on rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure and the IMF has asked the Pakistani authorities to also inform that the flood is on rehabilitation and reconstruction. How much money will be spent this year and how many resettlement projects are there in reconstruction.

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In the details sought by the IMF, it is further said that the details of construction and expansion of houses and highways should be provided separately.

According to the sources, all the details will be provided to the IMF by the Ministry of Finance next week, after which the talks between the IMF and Pakistan will resume.

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