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JI Calls for All-Parties Conference to Address Electoral Concerns

Islamabad: In response to mounting concerns regarding alleged electoral malpractice and rigging, the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has announced plans to convene an all-parties conference (APC) on February 25th in Islamabad.

In a statement released by the party, invitations have been extended to political entities across the spectrum, urging their participation in the conference. The primary objective of the All-Parties Conference (APC), as outlined in the announcement, is to uphold the principles of democracy and foster a collective commitment to ensuring transparent and fair electoral processes in the nation.

JI chief Siraj ul Haq emphasized the significance of addressing the controversies surrounding the 2024 elections, labeling them as the most contentious and tarnishing Pakistan’s electoral history. Haq highlighted ongoing efforts to engage with affected parties, including the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), to address prevailing concerns and restore confidence in the electoral system.

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Drawing attention to revelations by the former commissioner of Rawalpindi regarding electoral irregularities, Haq reiterated the party’s stance on electoral integrity. He called for a collective awakening among all stakeholders, asserting that individuals implicated in electoral misconduct would be held accountable once their conscience aligns with the truth.

The announcement of the APC underscores JI’s commitment to fostering dialogue and cooperation among political actors to address systemic challenges and uphold democratic values. As the nation braces for the conference, expectations are high for constructive discussions and concrete measures to bolster electoral transparency and integrity.

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