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Khansaheb Group’s Baytik Design donates Niki Console to Mohammed bin Rashid Library

DUBAI: Baytik Design, a Khansaheb Group business entity that designs and produces furniture custom orders and works of art, has donated Niki Console — a piece of fine art décor — to Mohammed bin Rashid Library as part of its partnership with Art Connect Women 2023 initiative.

The stunning Niki Console that derives its inspiration from the flapping movement of birds’ wings and gets its name from the winged goddess of victory in ancient Greece, ‘Nike’, was handed over to the officials of Mohammed bin Rashid Library. It will be part of its collection of fine décor and help add to the library’s collection of treasure troves.

Niki Console reflects the aesthetic philosophy that focuses on simple lines and perfect proportions. In it, the Greek and Japanese art are combined in a remarkably geometric, textural abstraction.

The event attended by officials of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Khansaheb Group and Art Connect Women, reflects Khansaheb Group’s long association with art, craft, heritage and culture where Baytik Design is adding a touch of class with its sustainable high-end concrete furniture line.

“We deeply value local craftsmanship, design partnerships, and we believe in the power of progressive change. As a diversified family business group, we aim to create innovative, sustainable businesses that can drive innovative, sustainable change — among our people and our communities,” Amer Khansaheb, Managing Director at Khansaheb Group, said.

“Our goal is to design timeless products that embody luxury and are built to last. The Baytik Design furniture collection is crafted with longevity in mind, designed to speak to future generations about their own heritage.”

Baytik Design is a highly differentiated concrete furniture brand that works with key corporate and private clients to deliver stunning sustainable pieces of art décor products derived from concrete, marble, terrazzo and wood that compliments the elegance of the interiors and outdoors areas of homes, offices, hospitality and public places.

Niki Console — the goddess of victory — offers a glimpse of Baytik Design’s stunning creations.

With a track record of delivering furniture custom orders and works of art across the UAE for prestigious clients in diverse sectors from residential to commercial, communities, signage and sculptures, part of Khansaheb Group, Baytik Design evolved as a new brand with a contemporary design approach.

With its ‘Made in UAE’ stamp, Baytik Design proudly carries on the traditions and heritage of its mother company Khansaheb, which was founded in 1935. Whether it’s a coffee table, a stool or a console, there are endless ways to describe Baytik Design’s sculptural furniture. Every piece evokes “singular perfection”, pushing the boundaries between design and decorative art.

Baytik Design works hand-in-hand with interior designers to create individual exceptional designs and statement pieces, as well as its signature collections. From pre-conceptual consultation to finished products, its design and production team brings years of experience and exceptional workmanship to create functional and beautiful pieces.

With a legacy built over 88 years, Khansaheb Group is a progressive organisation that empowers women and that supports the arts in Dubai as part of its legacy through its partnership with Art Connects Women international event.

Khansaheb, which is undergoing a rebranding exercise, has a highly diversified portfolio with interests in construction, infrastructure, civil engineering, joinery, interior design, innovative lifestyle offerings in F&B, retail, high-end furniture, fashion and jewellery, property and facilities management, healthcare, world-class aviation training and sustainable innovation through Spiralite, a globally patented green HVAC duct.

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