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Korean blockbuster ‘Exhuma’ released across Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: The Plot Pictures released Korean blockbuster ‘Exhuma’ across multiple locations in Saudi Arabia on June 13.

Coinciding with the Eid break, this release marks an opportunity for a broader audience to experience more Korean films in the region.

‘Exhuma’, produced by Showbox and directed by the acclaimed Kim Yong-hwa, stars celebrated actors Choi Min-sik (Oldboy), Yoo Hae-jin (King and the Clown), and Lee Do-hyun (Youth of May). The film, with its captivating horror narrative, has generated significant anticipation within the Saudi community.

“We are enthusiastic about this release, as we see it as a valuable opportunity to enrich the growing regional cinematic landscape. The support and excitement from local audiences highlight a growing appreciation for Korean films, also in Saudi Arabia,” said Pratixa Shah, Co-Founder of The Plot Pictures.

‘Exhuma’ premieres to rave reviews, anticipation builds for Saudi release

The film premiered in the UAE on June 6, 2024, garnering highly positive reviews and elevating expectations for its release in Saudi Arabia.

The remarkable buzz surrounding ‘Exhuma’ highlighted its potential to offer a fresh perspective on foreign language films. This enthusiastic reception at its GCC premiere underscored the region’s growing support for diverse cinematic offerings.

The Plot Pictures’ strategic entry into the market aims to enhance the regional cinematic landscape by introducing a blend of local and global narratives. This release, made possible in collaboration with the Korean community in the region, demonstrates a shared commitment to cultural exchange and the promotion of diverse international films.

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