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Maryam Nawaz Encourages Public Support for PML-N

Faisalabad: Maryam Nawaz, Chief Organizer and Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), called on the people to vote for the party, emphasizing its commitment to putting Pakistan on the path of growth.

Expressing surprise at the massive turnout, Maryam remarked that the overwhelming participation in the public meeting reflects the people’s affection for the PML-N, which, according to her, had diligently served them during its previous tenure.

During her speech, Maryam commended the dedication of Talal Chaudhry and praised the loyalty of Rana Sanaullah Khan to the party. Referring to Rana Sanaullah as ‘Hakeem Sanaullah,’ she credited him with skillfully fostering unity among PML-N members.

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Recalling a visit to Rana Sanaullah during a period when he faced a fake drug-smuggling case, Maryam  shared that he wore a mask bearing the symbol of a tiger. Rana Sanaullah, when questioned, stated that if he was only 2 per cent with Nawaz Sharif before the case, he became a man 1000 times with Nawaz Sharif afterward due to the oppressive and illegal actions of the ruling party.

Maryam Nawaz acknowledged the people of Faisalabad for honoring Rana Sanaullah’s commitment, turning the gathering into a historic event. She emphasized the enduring love for Nawaz Sharif among the people, stating, “It seems that people still love Nawaz Sharif, as he was always among them.”

Highlighting the party’s principles, Maryam asserted, “We believe in the politics of service instead of indulging in insulting political opponents.” She underlined Nawaz Sharif’s resilience, having been ousted from power three times, yet never compromising on national solidarity and integrity.

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