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Middle Eastern tourists drive European shopping renaissance with McArthurGlen leading the way

DUBAI: The allure of European shopping has become an essential component of every traveller’s itinerary from the Middle East, with McArthurGlen Outlets positioned as the market leader in providing unparalleled retail experiences across the continent.

In a landmark achievement, Middle Eastern markets emerged as the first market in tax-free shopping at McArthurGlen’s outlets in 2024, signalling a trend of exponential growth in the region’s affinity for European retail destinations.

“Shopping in Europe has evolved from a mere activity to a cultural phenomenon for travellers from the Middle East,” remarked Matthias Sinner, Head of Tourism at McArthurGlen Outlets. “We are thrilled to see the growing enthusiasm among tourists from these markets for exploring the diverse retail landscape of Europe, and our centres are committed to delivering exceptional experiences that cater to their unique preferences and expectations.”

The peak travel season for Middle Eastern tourists, typically following Ramadan (Eid al Fitr) and during the European summer, coincides with enticing sales promotions across the continent, amplifying the allure of European shopping. Notably, there has been a noticeable surge in autumn breaks, further underlining the year-round appeal of European shopping destinations for travellers from the Middle East.

Key European cities remain the focal points for this group, with McArthurGlen’s outlets strategically located near major fashion hubs. Among the most visited outlets are Serravalle, Castel Romano and Noventa di Piave in Italy, Roermond and Parndorf in Austria, and Paris-Giverny in France, reflecting the diverse shopping preferences of travellers from the Middle East.

Middle Eastern tourists, renowned for their penchant for luxury items, display a strong preference for internationally renowned brands and upscale establishments. McArthurGlen boasts an exclusive array of premium and luxury brands, featuring coveted names such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Armani, and Boss. At McArthurGlen Designer Outlets you flock for the unparalleled variety of luxury apparel, quality accessories, kids’ wear, beauty products, and jewellery – all conveniently housed under one “roof” and year-round savings up to 70 percent off, taking them the preferred shopping destination.

“The Middle Eastern tourist segment values not only the products but also the overall shopping experience,” added Matthias Sinner “At McArthurGlen Outlets, we prioritise delivering a flawless experience, from the architectural splendour of our centres to the diverse range of amenities and services offered, including VIP lounges, prayer rooms, premium shopping services, and halal dining options.”

Families, couples, and friend groups from the Middle East frequently visit McArthurGlen Outlets, with families particularly enjoying the family-friendly amenities such as playgrounds and ice cream parlours. The availability of services such as hands-free shopping and on-site tax refunds further enhances the convenience and appeal of shopping at McArthurGlen Outlets for tourists from the Middle East.

McArthurGlen Outlets continues to collaborate closely with leading travel operators to integrate shopping stops into tourists’ travel itineraries from the Middle East, ensuring a seamless and enriching shopping experience during their European vacations.

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