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Nawaz Sharif Vows Accountability for Unprecedented Crisis

In a determined address to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif declared on Wednesday that he seeks no revenge for the personal wrongs committed against him. Instead, he emphasized the need to hold accountable those responsible for pushing Pakistan into an unprecedented crisis, causing unbearable misery for its citizens.

Nawaz recounted the personal suffering he endured, revealing the heart-wrenching experience of being denied the opportunity to speak to his wife in her final moments. He also shared the painful task of informing his daughter, Maryam Nawaz, about the death of her mother while they were both incarcerated.

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The PML-N leader shed light on a relentless smear campaign orchestrated by members of the higher judiciary, involving insults and threats. He addressed the frivolous cases concocted against him, ridiculed even by legal experts at the time, but pushed forward nonetheless to persecute him.

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Despite these trials, Nawaz made it clear that he harbors no desire for revenge against those who unlawfully and unjustly targeted him. However, he underscored that the extensive damage inflicted on the country and its people cannot go unaccounted for.

Highlighting the upcoming decision on February 8, Nawaz Sharif spoke of the accountability process, stating, “Those who made survival virtually impossible for honest, hardworking, patriotic Pakistanis will have to answer for their horrific deeds. The largest JIT, with the largest bench, will deliver the biggest decision by the people of Pakistan.” The statement sets the stage for a significant development, raising anticipation for the outcome of this crucial decision.

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