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NFL Real Estate, ATM Pizza and One Minute Dubai launched in impressive ceremony

Dubai, Staff Report : Unity, Faith and integrity are important components of any investment.
In the modern era, the strength of the economy is considered to be the strength of the nation. Every country in the world economically strengthens and stabilizes its currency by increasing its exports to other countries. As well as, it strives to excel in the race of education, health, business and trade, along with providing facilities to its nation. Moreover, the country pursues law and order and a strong defense system.

The United Arab Emirates, which has a distinct identity among the developed countries of the world and thanks to its implemented laws that provide modern facilities to the residents of its country –
Last day, NFL INVESTMENT LLC, a famous business center of the state of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, launched a new business vision, NFL REAL ESTATE and ATM pizza, as well as a unique concept to meet the needs of modern social media, ONE MINTUE DUBAI. In this regard, a cake cutting ceremony was held in the head office of NFL GROUP OF COMPANIES (Al Sarkal Building), Dubai.
The special guest was His Excellency Mohammad Ahmed Alyammahi _ Deputy President of Arab Parliament and Member of Federal National council UAE. In addition, Mr. Ahmed Mohammad Alyammahi _ S/O Deputy President of Arab Parliment and His excellency Ahmed Hamad Abushehab Member of federal National Council United Arab Emirates was also there. The red carpet was laid for the guests and NFL GROUP OF COMPANIES Chairman Asif Ali Chaudhry welcomed them in a grand manner.

Other guests included Dr. Ahmed Al Zuhori, CEO of Group of Companies, Mr. Yaqoob Hali, Raj Joshi, CEO, Future Color, Mr. Sain Vela, Samim Miya, President of Muslim Commission Nepal, and NFL Business platform chairman Kushal Jain participated in the event.
Speaking at the event, NFL GROUP OF COMPANIES Chairman Asif Ali Chaudhary said that NFL Investment is a modern platform equipped with the facilities of risk less investment and independent business trading along with investment opportunities. He said that ONE MINUTE DUBAI is a unique concept that will reflect our daily life in the true sense. Nowadays, the value of time can be estimated from one minute. In this one precious minute, we can describe the things happening around us in the daily necessities of life in a good way. He said that introducing products like NFL REAL ESTATE and ATM PIZZA in the market is one of his top priorities. Chief Advisor NFL Mr. Ashok Kumar, President NFL Miss Hina Kumar, Director Gagan Arora, Media and Marketing Director Raja Ubaid ur Rehman, Director Finance Syed Kashif and other Directors Mr. Khalid, Mr. Zaheer Al Sheikh, Mr. Raja Kaleem , Mr. Akil Khan, Mr. Rizwan from Nepal, Ms. Priya and Mr. Rohit Shekhar Sharma of ATM Pizza, NFL REAL ESTATE Chairman Mr. Satish Gupta, Siddhat Sharma, Representative of TCIL INDIA also participated and expressed his commitment that NFL GROUP OF COMPANIES is a strong and sustainable business platform. Finally, print and electronic media was awarded NFL GOLD INVESTMENT BAR with a special gold coin and 01 MINUTE. DUBAI’S SPECIAL CELEBRATION ALSO DISTRIBUTED

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