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Niaz Muslim Library launches PAD Book Club

Staff Report

DUBAI: The ‘Niaz Muslim’ Library at Pakistan Association Dubai launched its ‘PAD Book Club’ for adults on the June 18, 2022.
The objective of the PAD Book Club is to bring together book readers on a platform that will not only help them revive their book reading habits but will also provide them an opportunity to meet other fellow book readers and discuss their individual perspective, ideas and inspiration about the selected books on a monthly basis.

The launch ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. It was followed by a detailed presentation given on the aims and benefits of the PAD Book Club by the library’s manager.
The attendees were informed of the core idea behind the launch of the PAD Book Club, which is to instill regular book reading habit in the wider community. It will add value to the individual reader and have ripple effect on the overall development of the society.
The guests at the event had an opportunity to have an incredible experience of listening to the excerpts from a few renowned Urdu and English literary collections of the library. It was followed by an awe inspiring lively Urdu poetry read, presented by the head of Education Committee.
Later, Pakistan Association Dubai President Dr. Faisel Ikram shared the history of the library and his thoughts on the importance of this book club.

Appreciating this initiative and how he sees it moving forward while including more diverse members across Dubai, he said: “I hope that this book club which is established today inspires more people to start reading books… books are the best friends.
“This library can become a hub for our community and anyone who loves books should know this library and become a part of it.”

“This is the first step. We really need to look at creating a junior book club,” Dr. Faisel added.
He also shared his vision towards working with the differently abled children by saying: “It is our moral obligation that we design some activities for the children with disabilities as this is the foundation of this library.”
The overall enthusiasm of the attendees, which included a large number of people from diverse walks of life and various nationalities, gave the assurance of a successful new beginning in the realm of book reading and of spreading the word within wider and diverse communities.
The first book club session is scheduled for July 16, 2022 at the Niaz Muslim Library-PAD and will be followed by sessions every fourth Saturday of the month.
The Niaz Muslim Library team can be contacted for any further queries on the registration for the book club.

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