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Not only march but everything will happen in October, Imran Khan

I am just preparing and not informing anyone about the plan. Chairman PTI

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has announced that the Long March will take place in October itself.

In an interview given to private TV, Imran Khan said that there will be a long march and it will happen in October, I know what they will do, so I have made full preparations. The former prime minister said that “not only the march but everything will happen in October, I can call the nation a day before but I am waiting for the preparation to be completed”.

Imran Khan claimed that everything I do is recorded, so I am just preparing and not informing anyone about the plan, but on the basis of the people’s enthusiasm, I can say that never before in the history of the country. People would not have come out in such large numbers.

Discussing the US President’s statement regarding the nuclear program, he said that there are two sides to Joe Biden’s statement, the first is that he rejected all the actions of the government, including the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, because India is his favorite at the moment.

Imran Khan said that I believe that if we have to stand in front of the US for our interests, we should not hesitate to do so because we have been elected by the people, whatever we do for them including sacrificing our people will never be done. Will not be happy.

The PTI chairman said, “This government is leading the country to default, which we can still save, but if that happens, it will take a heavy price to get us out of it, and I fear that we will They will ask us for our national security to get us out of default and then it will be completely gone.

Imran Khan said regarding domestic politics that if Nawaz Sharif returns to Pakistan, it will be of greatest political benefit to us.

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