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Pakistan bus crash leaves 22 dead

There were no survivors from the accident in Balochistan province, local official says

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A speeding bus veered off a narrow mountain road and plummeted into a ravine in a remote area of south-west Pakistan on Wednesday, killing 22 passengers, including women and children.

The accident happened in the Qilla Saifullah district of Balochistan province.

Deputy district administrator Mohammad Qasim said there were no survivors. Rescuers took the bodies to a nearby hospital.

Mr Qasim initially said 18 people died in the accident but later added that rescuers found four more bodies among the wreckage.

He said relatives were arriving at a hospital to receive their loved ones’ remains.

The exact cause of the crash remains unknown.

The authorities said the weather was fine at the time of the crash, and that police officers were looking into possible mechanical problems or human error.

Witnesses said the bus appeared to be speeding when it lost control and fell into the ravine.

Abdul Ali told AP that he was travelling by motorcycle on the same road when he saw a small bus going faster, skidding and crashing into the canyon.

Mr Ali said people from a nearby village alerted police, who rushed to the scene. He joined rescuers who were taking the bodies to the hospital in ambulances.

Qilla Saifullah is about 200 kilometres north of Quetta, the provincial capital.

Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi and other government officials expressed sorrow over the tragic accident, and ordered the authorities to make arrangements for passengers’ bodies to be delivered to their families.

Deadly accidents such as this are common in Pakistan owing to poor road infrastructure, disregard for traffic laws, as well as poorly maintained vehicles.

according to The National News In July last year, a packed bus carrying mostly labourers travelling home for a major Muslim holiday rammed into a container lorry on a busy motorway in central Pakistan, killing at least 33 people.

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