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Pakistan, Iran agree on enhancing trade, economic ties

ISLAMABAD: Iranian Deputy Minister for Economics and Finance Reza Bakhshi on Thursday called on Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Humair Karim and discussed with him cooperation between Pakistan and Iran, with a focus on enhancing economic ties for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Karim extended a warm welcome to Bakhshi and underscored Pakistan’s commitment to nurturing the historic and amicable relations shared between the two neighbouring countries. He expressed Pakistan’s desire to strengthen these relations further, fostering increased trade and economic opportunities.

The acting secretary appreciated the substantial progress achieved following the 21st Joint Economic Committee (JEC) meeting held between Pakistan and Iran in August 2022. Both sides agreed to hold bilateral talks and follow-up meetings to implement the decisions made during the 21st JEC and prepare for the 22nd JEC to be held in Iran, the official news agency reported.

Reza Bakhshi reiterated Iran’s keen interest in bolstering cooperation across various sectors, including mutual development projects, investments, banking systems, and trade relations with Pakistan.

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The Iranian deputy minister for economics and finance’s visit marks another step forward in the enduring partnership between Iran and Pakistan. Both nations remain committed to fostering cooperation that will not only benefit their economies but also contribute to the stability and development of the broader region.

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