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PIA Flight Attendant Goes Missing in Canada – Fifth Incident This Year

Another Pakistan International Airlines PIA flight attendant named Ayaz Qureshi, who is from Lahore, has gone missing in Canada. This brings the total number of PIA air stewards who have disappeared abroad this year to five.

Ayaz Qureshi came to Canada on PIA flight PK 784 from Pakistan. However, he didn’t show up for work on the return flight, making people wonder where he is. It seems like Ayaz may have chosen to go missing, and this is not the first time such a thing has happened with PIA flight attendants.

This is the third time in the current year that a PIA flight attendant has reportedly vanished while in Canada. This has raised serious concerns about the safety of airline staff when they are working abroad.

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PIA’s spokesperson confirmed that Ayaz has been suspended from his job, and Canadian authorities have been informed about his disappearance. The airline promises to take strict action against the missing flight attendant, showing their commitment to dealing with such situations seriously.

These repeated incidents of flight attendants going missing have led to a closer look at the situations surrounding these events. PIA and relevant authorities are working together to ensure that airline employees follow all the established rules and regulations. This collaborative effort aims to prevent such incidents in the future and ensure the safety and well-being of airline personnel.

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