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PM Kakar Commends Anti-Power Theft Campaign as Rs46 Billion Recovered in 53 Days

Annual losses targeted as government intensifies efforts against power pilferers

Islamabad: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar expressed his appreciation on Sunday for the remarkable success of the ongoing anti-power theft efforts led by the Power Division. Emphasizing the government’s commitment, the prime minister pledged to bolster support for the campaign to further minimize annual losses.

In a recent post on  X, the prime minister echoed his support for the cause. He shared a previous announcement by Secretary Power Division Rashid Langrial, revealing the recovery of an impressive Rs46 billion from power pilferers between September 7 and October 31.

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Langrial, in his social media update, provided context to the achievements, stating that the estimated annual losses across the national grid for the current year amounted to Rs589 billion. Notably, about Rs199 billion of these losses were attributed to ex-FATA, Balochistan tube-wells, and AJK.

Undeterred by the challenges, Langrial expressed optimism, stating, “If the same level of state support and field effort can be maintained (and that is a big if, I must admit), 80% of the problem space gets resolved.”

Highlighting the magnitude of the recovery effort, Langrial disclosed that Rs46 billion had been recovered in just 53 days, averaging an impressive Rs867 million per day. He acknowledged the concerted efforts to reshuffle, suspend, prosecute, and even arrest staff on an unprecedented scale, demonstrating the government’s determination to curb power theft.

The secretary acknowledged the sustainability challenge beyond the campaign but asserted that the right mix of state will and field effort had proven effective. With the support of the Prime Minister, the Minister-in-Charge, and other state authorities, the Power Division remains committed to combating power theft and ensuring a more sustainable and efficient power sector.

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