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PML-Q sees no issue with Khan calling shots in Punjab from Banigala

GUJRAT: As the Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan practically wants to run the Punjab government led by Parvez Elahi from Islamabad, the PML-Q does not have any issue with the senior coalition partner’s strategy of issuing directions in important matters.

(According to Dawn News) Well places sources told Dawn that the lists carrying names of officers mainly in administration, police and other important posts for transfer and posting are being sent to the Punjab CM office from Banigala residence of the former prime minister who reportedly wants to repeat the Usman Buzdar model.

Punjab PML-Q Information Secretary Mian Imran Masood says since his party is keen to win PTI chairman’s confidence, it will follow Khan Sahib’s direction on governance matters.

“The PML-Q is determined not to embarrass the PTI in any case as the party has not sought any ministerial slot for its lawmakers in the first phase of the cabinet formation,” he said.

Asked if this model would succeed as it failed in the Usman Buzdar and Arif Nakai cases, Mr Masood said two politicians were rather novices in politics but CM Elahi had a successful experience of working with former president Parvez Musharraf during 2002-07.

The PTI chief virtually controlled Buzdar and KP CM Mahmood Khan from the PM House but his plan failed as both the provincial governments performed poorly. Similarly, former PM Benazir Bhutto could not tame Manzoor Wattoo and Arif Nakai during the PPP government in 1993-96.

Adding, Masood said Parvez Elahi would be in a totally different role as chief minister with the PTI compared to his tactics of putting pressure on the PTI while being the Punjab Assembly speaker.

“The Q leadership does not have any personal agenda. Their only focus is to work as per the guidance of Mr Khan, aiming at coalition’s victory in the next elections,” he said.

He reiterated his party’s stance of being committed to dissolving the Punjab Assembly whenever Mr Khan would ask it to do so “as the PML-Q did not have any other option but to strengthen its bond with the PTI”.

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