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President Alvi’s noticed for misrepresenting statement regarding Cipher

Islamabad: President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has clarified the statement by taking notice of giving wrong color to the statement related to cipher.

According to the spokesman of the Presidency, President Arif Alvi has taken notice of giving the interview a wrong tone and said that the conversation related to the cipher was presented in a wrong way.

The President made it clear that he suspected a conspiracy, which can only be believed after a thorough investigation. My position regarding the cipher has not changed. He sent a letter to the Chief Justice requesting a thorough investigation into the matter.

President Arif Alvi made it clear that there should be an investigation into the cipher case, the matter was sent to the Supreme Court because he suspected a conspiracy, the matter was raised by Imran Khan, which required an impartial investigation and evidence was also included.

The President said that the fact that the impact of the cipher had led to political upheaval cannot be ignored.

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