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Protection of people’s rights foremost priority of govt: AJK PM

MIRPUR: Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar Ul Haq, while reiterating his commitment to serve the interests of his people, has said that he would continue to raise his voice for the rights of the people of the state at every forum.
The AJK premier expressed these views while speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected office-bearers of the Central Bar Association in the state metropolis on Saturday.
The PM said that the protection of people’s rights was the foremost priority of the government. He said that lawyers, businessmen and civil society were his actual strength, Pakistan’s official news agency reported.
Reiterating his commitment to improving the standard of life of the common masses, Anwar Ul Haq said that the welfare of the people of Azad Kashmir was his priority. He said that nobody would be allowed to misuse tax payers’ money. Every penny, he said, will be spent on the welfare of the people.
“As responsible citizens, we all have to go through the process of self-accountability,” he said, adding that there would be across the board accountability in the state but no person would be subjected to political vengeance.
He said that a web portal would be launched soon whereby people can have easy access to the PM’s office. “People will be able to register their complaints via an online portal,” he said.
Regarding the improvement of police and law enforcement infrastructure in AJK, he said, “Now people will not have to wait and the SHO of the police station will be responsible for registering the FIR.”
Anwar Ul Haq said that the government was struggling hard to improve the governance in the region.
On the Kashmir issue, the PM said, “No one can even think of compromise on the issue of Kashmir in my presence.”
He said the government would utilise all its energy and resources to promote Kashmir cause both at national and international level.
Kashmiris’ struggle for the right to self-determination, he said, would continue until the people of the Indian occupied Kashmir achieve their cherished goal of freedom.
He said that it was high time that we realised our national responsibilities.
Commenting on non-payment of utility bills, the PM said, “Ordinary citizens can’t get any kind of relief unless the elite class pay the electricity bills.”
Regarding the Kashmiris’ unconditional love for Pakistan, Anwar Ul Haq said that the relationship between the people of Kashmir and Pakistan was based on eternal love that no one can replace.
Of those who attended the ceremony included senior minister Col Waqar Noor, Abdul Majid Khan, Chaudhry Muhammad Rashid, Javed Butt, Opposition Leader Khawaja Farooq Ahmed and others. Members of the Central Bar Association and a large number of senior lawyers were also present on the occasion.
The event was also addressed by Central Bar Association President Raja Aftab Khan Advocate, former president Fazal Mehmood Baig Advocate, and others.
Earlier, the PM administered the oath of office to the newly elected office-bearers of the Central Bar Association.
At the end of the ceremony, Central Bar Association President Raja Aftab presented life-long honorary membership of the Central Bar to the prime minister.

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