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PTI berates ruling coalition for boycotting SC hearing on Punjab CM election

  • Party is ready to sit with government if there is an agenda, says Shah Mahmood.
  • Same judges were part of bench who had given decision against Imran Khan’s government, says Asad Umar.
  • A bunch of bandits ruling the country, says former minister Ali Zaidi.

Following the ruling coalition’s decision to boycott Supreme Court’s hearing on the Punjab chief minister’s election after the apex court rejected the plea to form a full bench, PTI reacted strongly and berated the ruling alliance for its decision, Geo News reported.

Earlier, JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said if the SC doesn’t form a full court, “we [PDM] will also reject all decisions of the judiciary as we will not appear before this three-member bench.”

“We boycott the proceedings of the apex court,” Fazl announced, adding that the coalition government doesn’t want any institution to interfere in its matters.

During a late-night press conference, PTI Vice President Shah Mahmood Qureshi called it an attack on the judiciary by the executive.

“Today, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has attacked the constitution, however, the nation will reject those who have rejected the SC’s decision,” he said.

Qureshi said that sweets were distributed in the country when SC had announced its verdicts in their favour, but now they (PDM) have turned against judges.

According to The News, Qureshi said his party was ready to sit with the government if there was an agenda and the only way out of the present vortex was to hold free and transparent elections.

“We can discuss with them how to hold transparent elections and how to restore the credibility of the Election Commission and what reforms are needed. We have no personal enmity with anyone,” he maintained.

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar went on to say that the judiciary has been given threats as they (the ruling coalition) are in a state of shock after the court rejected their fake demands.

“Same three judges were a part of the bench who had given decision against Imran Khan’s government, however, our leader went out to people as he lived in the hearts of people,” he said.

On the occasion, a former federal minister and senior PTI leader Ali Zaidi called the ruling coalition’s boycott a perfect case of high treason.

“If the entire sitting government is boycotting the Supreme Court, it is completely a high-treason. What else is this?”

Ali Zaidi further added that a bunch of bandits are ruling the country and this is the first time that the government is boycotting the judiciary.

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