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PTI’s Hammad Azhar Resigns from party positions

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), senior leader Hammad Azhar has tendered his resignation from the positions of acting PTI Punjab president and general-secretary. Citing ongoing legal cases and constraints faced by the party, Azhar expressed his decision to step down in a letter addressed to PTI Chairman Gohar Ali Khan and Secretary-General Omar Ayub Khan.

Azhar, a former federal minister under the PTI regime, highlighted the challenges he faces, including legal cases and raids against him, which have compelled him to remain underground. He emphasized the necessity for leadership capable of actively representing the party, both on the ground and in the media, a task he finds himself unable to fulfill in his current circumstances.

Amidst allegations of oppression against PTI workers and leaders, Azhar discussed the turbulent events following the arrest of PTI’s founding chairman, Imran Khan, including incidents of arrests, torture, and party members being coerced into leaving. He recounted facing numerous legal challenges, including “fake” terrorism cases and a ban from appearing on electronic media.

Reflecting on the broader political landscape, Hammad Azhar addressed PTI’s journey since the February 8 general election, during which the party faced hurdles such as a ban on political gatherings and alleged rigging. Despite these challenges, PTI’s resilience and determination have been evident, Azhar noted, albeit amidst a backdrop of adversity.

Concluding his resignation letter, Azhar expressed his decision as one borne out of concern for the party’s well-being, reaffirming his dedication to PTI’s ideals and pledging to continue serving as a loyal and ideological worker.

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