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PTI’s Leadership Race Heats Up Ahead of Intra-Party Elections

Islamabad: As the deadline for nomination papers in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) intra-party elections passes, attention shifts to the contenders vying for key leadership positions within the party.

Among the aspirants for the PTI chairmanship is Barrister Gohar Ali Khan, joined by Ashraf Qureshi representing Sindh, Muhammad Aslam from Balochistan, and Naveed Anjum hailing from KP, all eyeing the top spot in the party hierarchy.

A 15-member panel, led by Omar Ayub, has also entered the fray for the central secretary general position.

In Punjab, the race for the presidency features Yasmin Rashid, Muhammad Khan Madni, and Asad Hanif, while in Sindh, Haleem Adil, Khawand Bakhsh, and Ghulam Muhammad vie for the same slot.

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Meanwhile, six candidates, including Dr. Munir Baloch, are contending for the Balochistan presidency. The Balochistan candidates include Jafar Agha, Aminullah Jogezai, Dawood Shah, Abdul Sadiq, and Babar Marghzani. For the KP presidency, a panel led by Ali Amin Gandapur has submitted their nomination papers.

The PTI’s intra-party elections, slated for March 3 nationwide, marks a crucial step as the party prepares for the upcoming general election. Previously, the Election Commission of Pakistan nullified the PTI’s intra-party polls, leading the party to field candidates as independents after losing its iconic ‘bat’ electoral symbol.

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