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Reports of police line blast raised questions about security

Peshawar: The initial report of the police line blast has raised questions about the security arrangements.

According to Leading News, a preliminary report of the Peshawar police line blast has been prepared and submitted to the Prime Minister

According to the report, the suicide bomber was not checked while entering the mosque and the attacker came in the form of police uniform or prayer.

According to preliminary information, the meeting of the investigation officials was going on in the police line and after the meeting the officials went to the mosque, most of the investigation officials were hit by the blast.

According to the report, evidence of a suicide attack has been found at the scene and the explosives will be found after removing the debris. CTD has also acquired the footages of all the CCTV cameras.

According to the investigating team, the attendance records of all officials in the police line were taken into custody. Details of those staying in the family quarters have been sought and the details of the guests are being investigated.

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