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Sanaullah to seeks court against Anti-Corruption Punjab

Islamabad: Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has decided to approach the court against Anti-Corruption Establishment Punjab.

According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, the anti-corruption establishment, acting as an instrument of their political masters and civil mischief, forged the records of a four-year-old case, while deliberately concealing the facts and obtained a warrant by deceiving and misleading the court.

The spokesman said that this is the reason why the Anti-Corruption Establishment is not providing the record with the warrant to the Punjab Islamabad Police, which is a legal requirement. This move is a nefarious ploy of adventurers on the federal government to get some relief for the civil strife.

The Ministry of Interior said that it has decided to take action against the officers and officials responsible for the crime of falsifying records and misleading the court. It has been decided to approach the Hon’ble Court for forgery and tampering with records.

It should be noted that the Federal Minister of Interior respects the court in every way and considers every decision of it as valuable. No concession of any kind will be taken from its facilitators.

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