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Sanaullah’s non-bailable arrest warrant issued

Anti-Corruption team reached in Kohsar police staiton to arrest him, but the SHO refused.

Rawalpindi: The anti-corruption court has issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, the team reached the police station in Kohsar to arrest him, but the SHO refused to comply with the arrest order.

Anti-corruption department is conducting an inquiry against Rana Sanaullah. He was ordered to appear, but he did not appear, on which non-bailable warrants were issued for his arrest.

According to the Spokesman Anti-Corruption, the warrant of Rana Sanaullah was issued by the Special Judicial Magistrate in Case No. 20/19 and he was ordered to be arrested and produced.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah is accused of taking two plots from the owner of a private society in Kallar Kahar as a bribe and registering an illegal society. Rana Sanaullah was the Law Minister at that time. The Anti-Corruption Headquarters was called to record the statement in this case.

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After the warrant was issued, a four-member anti-corruption team reached Kohsar Police Station and requested the SHO of Kohsar Police Station to send a team to arrest Rana Sanaullah.

SHO Police Station Kohsar refused to comply with the arrest warrant of Rana Sanaullah and took a stand that the anti-corruption team came to the wrong police station, the address of Faisalabad is present on the warrant issued by the court, Rana Sanaullah Police Station Kohsar. Not residing within the limits of

According to the SHO, Rana Sanaullah has no office within the limits of Kohsar police station, the arrival and departure of the anti-corruption team will also not be included in the Kohsar police station, the anti-corruption team had incomplete arrest warrants.

After this statement of the police station SHO, the team left from police station Kohsar and reached the police station secretariat.

The anti-corruption team that came to arrest Rana Sana has said that Rana Sanaullah’s name is named in the FIR, we have followed the regular process, we have taken permission from the court, different processes have been repeated. We are going to the police stations but the police are not cooperating with us.

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