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Scarcity and poverty of negotiation framework in subcontinent

Poverty is a dire phenomenon either associated with economy, politics, sociology and or any other aspect of human life. Outcomes of dearth
are quite vulnerable and would have dense impacts on human subsists. The primary natural aspect is the reduced reach of human beings to
articulate the salient features of life, which ultimately impede a peaceful and prosperous masses livelihood.
Political poverty is the crucial and source of all paucities and defines the topographies, sociologies and economic fate of any region, country
or territory. However, this may be more definable in lieu of the considerations of any specific country as single specie under study. Hence,
it can be envisaged once this is being taken as internal factor of any country and might be much simplified. However, this is quite baffling
when we taking this as cross functional as medium of interactivity between two countries. In this case, this would mean a hidden, double
standard and quite dire aspects which in reality cannot be much above the board for clear compassions and underpinnings.
Poverty of cross regional ties is most vulnerable variable, which defines and girdle the ultimate fate of the masses of region, wherein the
scarcity of ostensibly sturdy entities will impact the entire region even other trivial entities have indirect stake, which is limited to the single
point that their existence in the same geographical region. Although, the direct relationship is quite minimal but impacts are less and they
face quite huge sways as variable is strong and cannot have quite stout yield. So political poverty has multiple dimensions and would need
a deep research work to address each one saliently. Our considerations here are for cross regional framework, which actually defines a
foreign affairs spectrum, maturity and conflict handling capacities. Indeed, this is deficiency of a country and it is pretended as a matured
imprint in front of emotional, illiterate and economically poor masses.
In case of subcontinent, the inadequacy is crucial and impacting the fate and lives of thousands of millions of individuals directly and almost
one third of the global population. Hence, this must be the crucial factor for academia for analysis in all prominent universities in
subcontinent. However, there must be unprejudiced analysis so that real aspects can be put forwarded in front of masses and planning
purposes. Its fact of the day that biased analysis can never give a realistic yield. Indeed, this is the basic criteria for any analysis, otherwise
this would be a source of propaganda or misleading and may be it would foster another layer on the aspects of poverty associated with the
Modern studies are prevailing the causes of complexities associated with various endeavors, multiple stakeholders 57%, and ambiguity of
resources features 48%, Significant political / authority influences 35%, unknown features 33%, Dynamic governance 29%, External
influences 28%, technologies 26%, modern technologies not yet fully developed 25%, internal and social influences 23%, highly regulated
environment 18%, duration increment 10%.
These factors are associated with any endeavor\project complexities, however, this can be equally applicable to the endeavors such as
negotiation framework and governance systems. The governance set up of most of the states in subcontinent is instituted almost on same
foundations, which are dimensionally linked with the British regime. All the aspects of set up are either drawn and engineered with
emotionalism and so called self-esteem. Whereas this posture is not truly fine in view of due diligences required for a dignified country or
statehood. For instance, the states which are purely relaying on the external support, technology, education and social uplifting, how these
state can portray, the underpinnings of self-respect. There are requirements for such endeavors and without gratifying these, some one
cannot claim, if so this is bogus.
India, Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir conflict is the prominent example of political poverty in subcontinent and academia must take this factor
into studies to come up with realistic outcomes, which are to be taken into account for rectification of the political framework, which can
ultimately yield the outcome beneficial for uplifting the livings of the masses. The bone of contention clearly indicates that, there is a huge
flaw in governance framework. Next episode will provide insight into the issues, pitfalls and reasons behind in a brief way.

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