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Sexual harassment case: President orders to dismiss DG PEMRA

President alvi also ordered to fine the director general PEMRA 25 lac rupees

President Dr. Arif Alvi has ordered the dismissal of Director General Pemra for his involvement in the sexual harassment case.

President of the country Dr. Arif Alvi also ordered to fine the director general PEMRA 25 lac rupees. On behalf of the President, the decision of the Federal Ombudsman for Anti-Harassment has been upheld.

The President increased the fine from Rs 20 lac to Rs 25 lac while retaining the heavy penalty of dismissal.

Dr. Arif Alvi said that it has been proven that the accused harassed the female employee through illegal demands. If such cases come up and are proven, I use the power of law.

He said that such measures are necessary to ensure a safe environment for women.

The President of the State ordered to collect the money given to the woman from the arrears of the accused’s salary and said that Rs. The accused inflicted severe mental torture on the female employee and staked her reputation.

He said that the act of the accused is a clear example of the ways in which women are discouraged and the time has come to pave the way for women’s participation in all spheres of life as per the constitution.

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