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Shahbaz reveals truth of post by leaking-audio: Imran Khan

Audio leak proved that the cipher was a fact, PTI Chairman

Muzaffarabad: PTI Chairman Imran Khan says that Shahbaz Sharif has revealed the truth of the post by leaking audio from the Prime Minister’s House, for which I thank him.

Addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad, the PTI Chairman said that the audio leak proved that the cipher was a fact, it was said that there would be loss if the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan was not successful.

He said that I know that even in the assemblies of Kashmir there are returning people but to promise me who trades his conscience will not let them come forward because it is an insult to your vote.
Imran Khan said that wherever I go in the world, I meet Kashmiris and ask whether Pakistan will waste our sacrifices, I say that as long as Imran Khan is alive, we will not let your sacrifices be wasted.

He said that when Narendra Modi withdrew the special status of Kashmir, I ended the trade relationship and my government decided that we will not restore the relationship until he restores its status.

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Imran Khan once again repeated that Allah ordered Muslims to fight against evil and stand with good, but Allah never said that you should be neutral.

Criticizing the finance minister, he said that a man came back the day before yesterday with corruption cases, he fled by sitting in the Prime Minister’s plane and then came back after making a deal. went out

The PTI chairman alleged that Maryam’s son-in-law had imported the machine from India while Maryam’s son-in-law was building a housing society in which the grid station would be built with tax money.


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