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Shireen Mazari and Fayyaz Chohan quit PTI over May 9 mayhem

Leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Shireen Mazari and Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chauhan have announced to leave the party.

While giving a press conference at National Press Club Islamabad, Fayyaz Chauhan said that 24 crore people of the country are sad about the events of May 9, I am also sad about it, I will continue to serve Pakistan.

He said that I explained one thing to Imran Khan in the message that he should leave the policy of clashing with the state, we should start a movement against the current rulers, it is not the work of politicians to clash with the state and institutions, no one told Imran Khan except me. That there is no violence in politics.

Fayaz Chauhan said that after his release yesterday, he asked the family whether Imran Khan tweeted for me. So it was told that no, everyone remembers Imran Khan, but Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, whose house was destroyed, is not remembered.

Fayaz Chauhan announced that he is not leaving politics but only PTI, he will continue to serve Pakistan.

On the other hand, while talking to media, Shireen Mazari condemned the May 9 riots during which PTI supporters ransacked and torched public and defence installations across the country.

“I strongly condemn the May 9 violence. I have always condemned the violence of any kind,” she remarked.

Mazari said she is not only leaving her party but also politics. “From today onwards, I am not a part of any political party.”

The senior PTI leader also said her health deteriorated during the last 12 days of the detention.

“My children and parents are [now] my priority,” she remarked.

“I condemn violence against state symbols like the GHQ, parliament and the Supreme Court,” she added.


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