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Singer gots back lost bag worth of 15 lacs

Karachi: The Civil Aviation Authority returned the luggage worth of 15 lac Rupees found at the Jinnah Terminal parking lot to the passenger along with the bag.

Talha Younis, the singer of the famous music band Young Stunners, left his shoulder bag in the parking area of ​​Karachi Airport, which is estimated to be worth around 15 lac Rupees.

According to CAA spokesman, Talha, a passenger coming from Islamabad to Karachi, had left his shoulder bag in the parking area. After finding the bag, the duty manager submitted it to the office.

The duty manager checked the bag in the presence of vigilance personnel, during which the mobile in the bag rang and the call was attended, the worried passenger was asked to come to the airport to receive the bag.

The passenger came to the DTM office and the bag was handed over to him in the presence of vigilance officials. The value of the items in the shoulder bag was estimated to be around 15 lac Rupees.

Talha Younis praised the CAA officials, especially the vigilance officials, and thanked them.

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