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The Classics Dragonboat Team UAE shines in 11th Korean Open

UAE-based expat team with a passion for paddling dominates races in Busan

BUSAN: The Classics Dragonboat Team UAE performed outstandingly in the 11th Korea Open Busan International Dragonboat Festival.

The Classics were 1 of 14 teams hailing from 12 countries participating in the festival.

With a race format including eight categories including Open DB12, Women’s DB12, Mix DB12 and Mix DB22 over 200m and 300m distances, The Classics dominated the event and finished with a haul of eight medals – 4 gold, 3 silver and one bronze.

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The Classics DBT ladies earned back-to-back championship titles after also taking home the women’s championship last year at the 8th Sarawak International Dragonboat Regatta 2022. This year the Classics DBT ladies clinched gold medals in both the 200m and 300m categories.

The Classics DBT Open crew came in thrilling second to the top placed team, the Philippine Army Dragon Warriors, in both 200m and 300m categories.

The Classics Mix DB22 crew finished first in both 200m and 300m categories. And finally, the Classics Mix DB12 crew were an impressive third in the 200m category and finished second in the 300m category.

The Classics Dragonboat Team, hailing from the vibrant United Arab Emirates, prepared well to compete in the 11th Korea Open Busan International Dragonboat Festival, hosted on the scenic waters of the Su-yeong River in Busan.

The team, renowned for their dedication, skill, and love for the sport, had been chosen to represent the United Arab Emirates in this prestigious event, highlighting their commitment to promoting teamwork, athleticism, and cultural exchange on both local and global scale.

The Classics Dragonboat Team had a young but eventful history of dragon boating excellence, having participated in numerous competitions locally and internationally. Comprising a diverse and talented group of paddlers dedicating their free time between their 9-5 jobs and family responsibilities, the team embodies the spirit of unity, discipline, and passion for the sport. Their journey to the 11th Korea Open Busan International Dragonboat Festival represented a significant milestone in their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

For months, The Classics Dragonboat Team trained rigorously, fine-tuning their skills to compete at the highest level. Their dedication to preparation was not only about physical endurance but also about fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among the team members.

The prestigious 11th Korea Open Busan International Dragonboat Festival attracts dragon boat teams from all corners of the globe to Busan’s Su-yeong River.

The event is not only a showcase of athleticism but also an opportunity for cultural exchange and friendship.

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