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Top officials of Sahiwal hospital ace action after 11 infants die in deadly blaze

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz orders the arrest of Sahiwal hospital's senior officers

Lahore: A heart-wrenching incident at Sahiwal Hospital has left the nation in mourning as a horrific blaze claimed the lives of at least 11 innocent infants. The tragedy, which occurred on June 9, prompted swift action from Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, who vowed justice for the affected families.

CM Maryam, deeply affected by the loss, personally visited the hospital and ordered a high-level probe into the incident. She directed the inquiry to include top hospital officials, such as the principal, medical superintendent, assistant medical superintendent, and admin officer. In a bold move, she also ordered their immediate arrest and termination of their positions.

The inquiry uncovered shocking negligence, revealing that fire extinguishing equipment had expired and remained unchanged despite warnings. Moreover, hospital staff had not received adequate training on handling such emergencies, exacerbating the tragedy.

Expressing outrage at the Sahiwal hospital management’s failure, CM Maryam vowed exemplary punishment for those responsible while praising the heroic efforts of rescuers who evacuated 74 children from the engulfed ward.

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During her visit, the chief minister also met with grieving parents, listening to their grievances and ensuring swift action against any wrongdoing. Instances of security misconduct and bribery allegations within the hospital were met with firm directives for arrests and inquiries.

In response to the tragedy, CM Maryam announced stringent security audits for hospitals across the province and pledged government support to prevent future incidents. Immediate disciplinary action was ordered against negligent officials, emphasizing the government’s commitment to accountability and safety.

The devastating fire, attributed to a short circuit in the air conditioning system, not only claimed precious lives but also caused extensive damage to medical equipment worth millions. While the loss is irreparable, the resilience and collective efforts of all involved in the evacuation of the children stand as a testament to the community’s strength in the face of adversity.


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