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Tragic accident near Kallar Kahar Salt Range, claims Six Lives

Kallar Kahar : At least six people were killed when two vehicles plunged into a ditch following a collision near the Kallar Kahar Salt Range on Monday, according to the Motorway Police.

A spokesperson for the highway patrol confirmed that the victims died instantly in the accident, which preliminary investigations suggest was caused by brake failure.

The police reported that a gas bowser breached the road divider and collided with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, causing both vehicles to fall into the ditch. The collision sparked a fire that engulfed both vehicles. The gas bowser was en route to Faisalabad from Rawalpindi on Motorway M2.

Emergency responders transported the bodies of the deceased to the Kallar Kahar Trauma Centre. The Motorway Police and rescue teams arrived at the scene immediately after receiving reports of the accident.

Police sources revealed that four of the deceased were members of the same family traveling in the vehicle that collided with the gas bowser. The other two victims were the drivers of the involved vehicles. Among the deceased was a minor, and all bodies were severely burnt due to the fire.

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Road Safety Concerns

Road accidents in Pakistan are tragically common, with numerous fatalities reported frequently. Just last year in June, a similar accident near Kallar Kahar claimed at least 12 lives, including women and children, and injured 24 others when a passenger bus overturned on the Islamabad-Lahore motorway, also due to brake failure.

Authorities are urging drivers to maintain their vehicles and exercise caution, particularly in areas known for hazardous conditions.

Call for Action

This latest incident highlights the ongoing need for improved road safety measures and stricter vehicle maintenance regulations to prevent such devastating accidents. The Motorway Police and other relevant authorities are investigating the incident further to prevent future occurrences and enhance safety on Pakistan’s roads.

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