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Transgender Act rejected by transgenders

Govt is receiving foreign funding by deceiving the public about the rights of transgenders. Almas Bobi

Islamabad: Transgender people across the country have rejected the Transgender Act, saying that the bill was brought at the behest of foreign powers to promote homosexuality.

Transgender leader Almas Bobi and others, while holding a press conference at NPC under the auspices of Shemail for Fundamental Rights, said that the government is receiving foreign funding by deceiving the public about the rights of transgenders, education, health, and other fundamental rights of transgenders. The provision of facilities is protected by the Constitution of Pakistan.

He said that because of X-card, transgenders are not allowed to perform Hajj and Umrah, so the X-card should be abolished and a simple card should be issued for transgenders.

Transgender leaders said that the law of homosexuality is unacceptable under the guise of transgender rights, transgenders are not accepted even by their parents and they are presented as oppressors if cases can be made against transgenders on demand. So cases should also be made against those rulers who go to demands from other financial institutions and countries including IMF and World Bank.

He further said that the lives of transgenders are at risk, our Shariah status should be restored and the Transgender Act should be repealed.

He alleged that foreign funders are also involved in the killing of transgenders. Look at the record and see that none of the transgenders who died of AIDS were included, but they were all homosexuals, so this illegal Act should be withdrawn immediately.

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