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UAE raises fuel prices for July 2022

The price of Super 98 has risen to Dhs4.63 per litre

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ABU DHABI: The UAE has increased fuel prices for the month of July.

From July 1, Super 98 petrol will cost Dhs4.63 a litre, up 11.56 per cent from Dhs4.15 a litre in June.

Special 95 will cost Dhs4.52 per litre in July, a 12.15 per cent surge from the previous month’s price of Dhs4.03.

Meanwhile, the price of diesel has been raised 14.97 per cent from Dhs4.14 per litre in June to Dhs4.76 in July.

UAE fuel prices have risen over 56% since January 2022

Price for E-Plus 91 has surged from Dhs3.96 in June to Dhs4.44 in July.

*UAE Fuel Prices *

January: Dhs2.65

February: Dhs2.94

March: Dhs3.23

April: Dhs3.74

May: Dhs3.66

June: Dhs4.15

July: Dhs4.63

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