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UAE second home to about 1.8m Pakistanis: Consul General Hussain

DUBAI: Welcoming members of the UAE-based media representatives and community members at the Consulate General of Pakistan, Consul General Hussain Muhammad appreciated the positive and most effective role of media.

“You are the bridge between the mission and our community. Your role is crucial in conveying important messages and getting feedback from within the community that is always helpful towards addressing their issues,” Mr. Hussain said.

The Consul General said that hosting Iftar was part of the outreach initiative by Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi to enhance the much-needed communication with Pakistani community living in the United Arab Emirates.

“UAE is a second home to about 1.8 million Pakistanis who are contributing positively towards its development. We are obviously grateful to the host country for utilising services of these Pakistani who are a source of livelihood for about 2 million families,” the Consul General said.

He said that it is “binding on us all to adhere to local laws, respect norms of the society and pay due regard to government policies”. He urged the media representatives to play their role in better awareness of Pakistani community that will certainly lead to enhanced compliance.

Mr. Afaq Ahmad, Deputy Head of Mission, Pakistan’s Embassy, Abu Dhabi, and officers of the Consulate and Embassy also attended the event.

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