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Whoever is giving NRO to these thieves is betraying the country, Imran

If the institutions think that they will gain respect by torture, then they are mistaken: Former PM

Rawalpindi: Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan has said that whoever is giving NRO to these thieves is betraying the country.

Addressing the students, Imran Khan said in the field of Agricultural University Rawalpindi that today you people should listen to me very comfortably. History on youth requires that you get out. Aristotle said that if there is injustice in society, all people will be against it.

The former prime minister said that cowards and selfish people will not stand. Raising voice against injustice is Jihad. If someone wants to rob the country, I have stood up to these thieves. Every day a new case is filed against me. He said that he will go to court to get bail from here.

Imran Khan said that I took the challenge from cricket to politics. One of the biggest obstacles to human flight is fear. A coward person can never become a leader. Nawaz Sharif goes out in every difficult time. Slaves polish shoes, leaders are free. He said that I have come here to prepare the students. Everyone has to come out for the real freedom of the country.

Chairman PTI while addressing said that chains are broken, freedom has to be taken away. Under the American conspiracy, American slaves were placed on us, it is going begging in America. They are humiliating the country, they have no shame. They steal the country’s money and live in palaces outside.

Imran Khan said that jail is a small thing, I can risk my life. You all have to prepare, this is Jihad not politics. 60 percent of the country’s cabinet is on bail. Students came forward in revolutions around the world. He announced that it is not too late, I am going to call. The nation will stand before the band of thieves and their handlers.

Chairman PTI further said that chains of slavery are broken to take away freedom, I am not corrupt, if I was corrupt, I would have run away like Nawaz Sharif.

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