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Would rather die than be enslaved by thieves: Imran Khan

I have learned to fight till the last ball: Chariman PTI

Sargodha: Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that I would rather die than be enslaved by thieves.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan while addressing the students participating in the event organized under the “Education and Skills Together Program” of Punjab IT Board in Jamia Sargodha said that who gave permission to the Governor of Punjab to appoint political leaders as students. Stop talking. I say to the governor of Punjab, students are the future of the country. Addressing the governor of Punjab, he said that do not listen to the rulers, people have known me for 50 years.

Imran Khan said that I have given a speech at Oxford University 3 times and now I have been invited again. If the leaders do not come to the university, how will the political training of the students be? Maulana Fazlur Rehman can also come here. If Shahbaz Sharif comes here, he will start asking for money. Bilawal Bhutto says something else means something else. Some politicians come to power in the name of people and then start looting.

He said that when people do not stand for truth and truth, the society is destroyed. The system of disbelief will go, the system of cruelty and injustice cannot. Criticizing the government, Imran Khan said that when they hear my name, people tremble. The small thief is in jail and the big one is given NRO.

Imran Khan said that the reason for prosperity in Switzerland is the rule of law there. When our Prime Minister asks for money, the respect of the entire country is lost. Jails are full of incarcerated people while big bandits are free. He said that our Prime Minister was going to be punished for stealing 16 billion rupees. Ishaq Dar gave a written affidavit in 2000 that he used to launder money, making him the finance minister. That is, the cat was put on the milk tray. They also lose by standing their own umpires in the elections.

Chairman PTI said that Asif Zardari is called Mr Ten Percent in India. Books have been written on his corruption. There is no difference between the Governor of Sindh and the Mulajt. Half of the cabinets are cases of theft. Abid Sher Ali’s father said that Ranasthnaullah had committed 18 murders. Placing thieves on the country is not politics, it is our Jihad against them now. Nations die first morally and then economically.

Talking about PTI’s anti-government movement, Imran Khan said that our future is going to be decided. I am going to announce a long march in a few days. This is not politics but jihad for the real freedom of the country. Bad times come when you give up. But you didn’t give up. He said that I have learned to fight till the last ball.

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