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Abu Dhabi University business students can now complete degrees in Dublin

Partnership with University College Dublin will allow them to enrol in an internship programme anywhere in Europe

Abu Dhabi University’s business students will now be able to finish the final two years of their degrees at University College Dublin.

It has announced a new partnership with University College Dublin to allow its undergraduate and postgraduate students in business programmes to complete their studies in the Irish capital.

The College of Business at Abu Dhabi University introduced a joint programme which will allow students to study in the emirate for the first two years and move to Ireland for the last two years of their studies to earn a degree from UCD.

The joint programme will also give students a personalised study plan and they will be able to enrol in an internship programme anywhere in Europe.

Prof Barry O’Mahony, dean of the College of Business at Abu Dhabi University, said: “We are delighted to offer our students this unique academic experience which will allow them to begin their educational journey at ADU for two years and move on to earn a degree from University College Dublin, a prestigious university that is amongst the top 200 universities worldwide.”

Prof Don Bredin, associate dean of the College of Business at UCD, said the partnership reflected the importance both universities place on global engagement as part of their business programmes.

“The new collaborative programme emphasises UCD’s reputation as Ireland’s global university and I very much look forward to welcoming students from Abu Dhabi University Business School to the UCD Quinn School in September,” said Prof Bredin.

The College of Business at Abu Dhabi University also provides students with exchange programme opportunities with the Queensland University of Technology and Monash University in Australia. The college offers short-term study abroad programmes in France, the UK, South Korea, Brazil and Ireland.

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