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Abu Dhabi’s Hindu temple honours Sheikh Khalifa’s legacy of peace and tolerance

Prayers have been held at Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple to celebrate Sheikh Khalifa’s legacy of “harmony and tolerance”.

Priests and worshippers joined together to honour the late leader and deliver support for the new President, Sheikh Mohamed.

Swami Brahmavihari, head of international relations for Baps Swaminarayan Sanstha, the organisation responsible for building the shrine, said it was important to reflect on Sheikh Khalifa’s achievements while mourning his loss. “His leadership inspired this nation to become a home of peace and prosperity and a beacon of harmony and tolerance,” he told worshippers.

“While we mourn the passing away of a great leader we also pay tribute to his great work, vision and values.

“His life and legacy shall continue to guide and inspire all of us. He nourished and nurtured the seeds that were sown by the founder of this nation Sheikh Zayed and the future leadership will continue to help it flourish across the world.”
The priest said Sheikh Khalifa had led by example to create a country that cherished “progress with peace, happiness with harmony, entrepreneurship with enlightenment and diversity with unity.”

He said the path of inclusion would continue under the leadership of Sheikh Mohamed.

“Such leaders never pass away, they pass on their values and vision,” he said.

“The President of the UAE Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan will continue to inspire us all towards a brighter and greater future.”

Prayers have been offered at the temple site in Abu Dhabi and at Baps temples across the world.

The first traditional Hindu stone temple in the country will be completed in 2023 and is being constructed in Abu Dhabi’s Abu Mureikha area, off the Sheikh Zayed motorway leading to Dubai.

Land for the temple was given seven years ago to the Indian community by Sheikh Mohamed.
Priests from the Hindu temple joined heads of churches and mosques across the country to offer condolences to Sheikh Mohamed this week.

Prayers are being offered by the Hindu temple devotees in their homes during the week.

The temple is open for prayers from 10am to 5pm every Sunday.

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