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ADD has focussed on enhancing women jobs, mitigating labour issues: Tirmizi

ABU DHABI: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UAE Faisal Niaz Tirimizi addressed the 7th Ministerial Consultation of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue and appreciated to the Government of UAE for hosting the ADD.

Pakistan is the current chair of ADD.

Highlighting the role of the forum, the ambassador said that is a unique dialogue that brings 17 member states from Gulf and Asia together with the core objective to address issues of common interests pertaining to labour mobility. He further said that the platform has a key role in establishing the principle of protecting rights of migrant workers, which is the common responsibility of labour-sending and labour-receiving countries.

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“Technology is changing demands for various skills and we need to be innovative in meeting changing labour demands. There is dire need for diversifying skill sets and engagement aimed at developing skills mobility partnerships,” emphasised Ambassador Tirmizi.

He lauded the efforts of Abu Dhabi Dialogue focussing on women in green jobs and that women can fill critical skills gaps in industries including renewable energy.

“Climate change and natural disasters including floods are the gravest challenges that have emphasised the significance of collective efforts to mitigate losses and build back better. The outcome of COP28 under the UAE’s presidency has reaffirmed the need to counter this challenge,” Ambassador Tirimizi underlined.

“Migration and future of work, relationship between migration and climate change, and the health of migrants complement more established Abu Dhabi Dialogue priorities. These require raising standards of recruitment, addressing mutual recognition and certification of skills, leveraging technology to enhance labour dispute settlement mechanisms, and strengthening inter-regional and international cooperation,” Ambassador Tirmizi said.

The ambassador expressed gratitude on behalf of the Government of Pakistan for all the support extended by the ADD Secretariat and the advisory committee during the current chair’s cycle.

A day earlier, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UAE Faisal Niaz Tirmizi represented the country at the Abu Dhabi Dialogue. Pakistan is the current chair of the ADD.

Junaid Murtaza, Community Welfare Attache (CWA), Pakistan Consulate General, Dubai, delivered the statement on behalf of Pakistan.

In his remarks, he said that the forum provides an important opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion and dialogue regarding safe, orderly, and regular labour movement in one of the largest temporary labour migration corridors.

He further said that Pakistan is of the view that the Abu Dhabi Dialogue serves as a platform for multilateral and multi-dimensional collabouration, bringing together leaders, policymakers, experts and stakeholders. It provides a mechanism to foster interconnectivity, enhance collabourations, and promote the exchange of ideas for lasting solutions related to temporary labour migration, he added.

The CWA said that Pakistan considers that the deliberations held at the ADD would help in addressing the challenges and exploring opportunities to ensure protection of migrant workers and enabling countries of origin and destination to get maximum benefits from the temporary labour migration.

CWA informed that the Chair and Secretariat have prepared a series of reports with the help of experts that would be presented to the Ministers at the Seventh Ministerial Consultation, tomorrow. Pakistan suggested to devise a comprehensive Social Security paradigm within Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)’s labour migration corridor and also provide an enabling environment for migrant workers in their respective home countries for their dignified return and reintegration.

Pakistan thanked the Government of UAE for its resolve to act as the Permanent Secretariat of Abu Dhabi Dialogue and appreciated the role of the advisory committee and experts and researchers in their assistance in formulating policy directions for governmental representatives of ADD member states.

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