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Asia Cup: political flags and banners banned in Dubai stadium

Dubai Police urge spectators attending the games at Dubai International Stadium to follow the rules

Dubai Police are reminding fans planning to attend the Asia Cup cricket tournament in the city that political flags and banners will not be allowed in the stadium.

The force also said that laser pointers, drones, fireworks and flares are also prohibited.

The Asia Cup starts on Saturday at Dubai International Stadium. Dubai Police posted the reminder on social media.

It also stated that sharp objects, scooters, outside food and drink and filming are banned.

The 16-day tournament was supposed to be held in Sri Lanka but the political situation in the country meant it was moved to the UAE.

Dubai is hosting the majority of the matches at this year’s tournament, including the highly anticipated clash between India and Pakistan on August 28.

The emirate also hosts the final on September 11, with the rest of the fixtures taking place in Sharjah.

“We are delighted to host the 2022 Asia Cup, the second largest cricket event in the world,” said Khalid Al Zarooni, chairman of the board of Dubai Sports City.

“It is watched by millions of fans across Asia and beyond. Dubai International Stadium will host the tournament for the second consecutive time. The last edition was also held in Dubai in 2018,” Mr Al Zarooni said.

“This reflects Dubai’s status as the best city to host such mega-events.”

Dubai Police’s list of restricted items for the Asia Cup

Remote-controlled devices


Illegal or toxic substances

Radio communication devices or power banks

Fireworks or flares

Laser pointers



Filming or flash photography

Selfie sticks, monopods or umbrellas

Sharp objects

Outside food or drinks

Political flags and banners

Bikes, skateboards or scooters

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