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Azam Swati again arrested, physical remand granted

Swati was arrested by the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing Islamabad team after raiding his farmhouse.

Islamabad: FIA Rawalpindi arrested PTI leader Center Azam Swati once again for posting more controversial tweets and also obtained two-day physical remand from the court.

According to Leading News, PTI leader Senator Azam Khan Swati was arrested by the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing Islamabad team after raiding his farmhouse. A case has been registered against Azam Swati in the FIA ​​Cybercrime over the controversial tweet.

Senator Azam Swati said in a conversation with the FIA ​​team during the arrest that FIA officer Ayaz is my culprit, I don’t want to see him here.

Azam Swati said that the Magistrate gave the warrant, I finished the speech and came straight home, I am not a runaway, I did not go to KPK, I have come out in favor of the rule of law against oppression.

They said that first I was stripped, they are involved, with my family what I say to the lawyers, to the senators but to the world, get out. He said that the rule of law is, I am ready to go to the police station with this warrant, but it is not a way to torture and strip.

Azam Swati further said that I am saying to women across the country that I am fighting your war so that a senator, a 74-year-old citizen, is not disrobed in this way, and his family is not humiliated in this way. is maintained. He said that I have not committed any crime, the method is to arrest me and present me before the magistrate, do my own investigation and I am ready to face it in any way.

Senator Azam Swati said that there is no way to bring the crooks of the Sector Commander to follow his orders, it will never happen. Azam Swati left with the FIA ​​team after recording his stand.

FIA sources said that the recent arrest of Azam Swati has been made following the registration of a new case registered in FIA Cyber ​​Crime Wing Islamabad.

According to the FIR, a case has been registered against FIA Technical Assistant Anisur Rehman under Section 20 of the PICA Act, Section 500/505 131/501 PPC etc. Section 109 PPC for aiding and abetting is also included in the case, while the controversial tweets of Azam Swati and the previous FIR against Azam Swati have also been cited in the case.

FIA officials said that the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Wing Islamabad registered the case on November 26 after a regular inquiry into the controversial tweets.

Two-day physical remand of Azam Swati approved

Meanwhile, FIA produced Azam Swati in a local court in Islamabad and obtained two-day physical remand.

The FIA ​​produced Senator Azam Khan Swati before Judicial Magistrate Waqas Ahmed Raja where the investigating officer said that Azam Swati was arrested over controversial tweets. He did not deny the tweets and committed the crime a second time.

Azam Swati’s lawyer Babar Awan said that Azam Swati’s statement of 164 was not taken, brutal torture had been done earlier which could not be recovered yet.

After the hearing, PTI leaders Babar Awan and Imran Ismail raised questions on the rule of law in the country while talking to the media.

On the insistence of the lawyers, the court noted the names of the FIA ​​officials who arrested Azam Swati in the order sheet. The decision was reserved on the plea of ​​physical remand, which later handed over Azam Swati to the FIA ​​on two-day physical remand.


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