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Bikers on 14,000km ride to perform Umrah

DUBAI: As many as 25 bikers from Pakistan have found an innovative way to promote religious tourism.

The biking group belonging to Cross Route Club is on its way to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. They began their journey from Lahore on January 6 this year and their 14,000-kilometre ride includes stopovers in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and UAE before finally reaching Harmain Shareefain to perform Umrah.

Two riders joined the group from Rahim Yar Khan.

The group, being led by Mukarram Tareen, believes that their ride will not only promote religious tourism in a different manner but will also help in showcasing a positive image of Pakistan and conveying a message of peace, friendship and brotherhood to the brotherly Islamic countries.

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The riders said it will also promote Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, pristine natural beauty and warm hospitality of Pakistani people.

The 25 bikers are extremely happy that they are undertaking this holy journey, a ride which they will remember for the rest of their lives. They said passing through various countries will also help them to observe, study and understand their cultures and ways of living. It will be a wonderful experience, they said.

On the group’s stopover in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan’s Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi hosted a lunch in the honour of the bikers at the Embassy of Pakistan.

Addressing the group members, Ambassador Tirmizi appreciated their initiative for promotion of Pakistan in various countries and stated that such tours should be organised more frequently to and from Pakistan.

Mukarram Tareen also planted a tree at the Embassy of Pakistan.

The bikers said that before undertaking the journey, they did all the homework — which route to take, which places to make stopovers at, security condition in various countries, etc. — and prepared well for it.

The group was seen off on their journey by officials of the Punjab Tourism Department and Iranian Consulate, Lahore.

Earlier, a group of 16 bikers made a 25-day visit to Iran in August 2019 while this is their fourth international ride.

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