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Contempt of court case against Imran Khan dismissed

Islamabad High Court dismissed the contempt case against Imran Khan and withdrew the show cause notice.

A larger bench of five judges of the Islamabad High Court headed by Chief Justice Athar Minullah heard the case of threatening a female judge against Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

The court dismissed the case against Imran Khan and withdrew the show cause notice for contempt of court.

Chief Justice Ather Minullah said that we are ending the proceedings by dismissing the notice of contempt of court, this is the unanimous decision of the larger bench. Additional Attorney General Aamir Rehman raised objection and opposed the approval of Imran Khan’s affidavit. The judicial assistant said that Imran Khan did not apologize unconditionally in the affidavit.

Chief Justice Ather Minullah said that we will write your recommendations in our written decision, you should submit your written submissions. The court said in a dialogue with Hamid Khan that we have seen the affidavit, in the opinion of Badi-Nazar it was contempt of court, Imran Khan went to the district court.

It should be remembered that on the previous hearing, the court bench had declared Imran Khan’s apology statement as satisfactory. In the new affidavit, Imran Khan refrained from apologizing unconditionally but assured full implementation of the statement given at the previous hearing. Imran Khan has also assured to avoid such statements in the future.

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