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Dollar fell to 227 rupees PKR

The interbank rate of the dollar has decreased by one rupee and 17 paise.

Karachi: The series of declines in the value of the dollar continues, even today the interbank rate of the dollar has decreased by one rupee and 17 paise.

The dollar has continued to depreciate since the Prime Minister’s foreign visits and the appointment of Ishaq Dar as Finance Minister.

On Monday too, the dollar depreciated by 1 rupee 17 paisa, after which the interbank price of the dollar closed at 227.28 rupees, while the open rate remained unchanged at 230 rupees.

As soon as Finance Minister Ishaq Dar took charge, by increasing his influence in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, the job of stabilizing the Pakistani rupee is going on, but some economic experts say that the process has been completed as the dollar went to the lowest level.

Economists say that the finance minister’s intention to continue the exchange rate system based on market forces and to change the rules of the State Bank to prevent the deterioration of the economy is continuing to depreciate the dollar.

According to experts, despite the challenges faced by the economy, the hopes of the new finance minister of the trade and industry circles are pushing the dollar against the rupee, because the trade and industry circles expect that the new finance minister will take the economy from a whirlwind due to his extensive experience. Will be able to extract.

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