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Decline in foreign exchange reserves as sukuk bonds repaid

Islamabad: The government’s foreign exchange reserves decreased by $784 million in a week due to payments of $1 billion worth of sukuk bonds.

According to Leading News, due to the payment of sukuk bonds worth one billion dollars by the federal government, the official foreign exchange reserves of the country decreased by 784 million dollars during a week, after which the official foreign exchange reserves decreased to 6 billion 71 million dollars. came to the level of 49 lakh dollars.

Sources said that $500 million has also been received from the Asian Infrastructure Bank and the impact of sukuk bonds and foreign payments has been mitigated by the Asian Infrastructure Bank funds.

The value of total foreign exchange reserves reached the level of 12 billion 581.7 million dollars, commercial banks have reserves of 5 billion 866.8 million dollars.

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