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Dollar value increase slightly

Karachi: After the government’s permission to pay import letters of credits up to 50 thousand dollars and the pressure of the finance minister’s departure abroad, the value of the dollar increased again on Wednesday, making the open rate of the dollar exceed 220 rupees.

In the interbank market, the rupee gained 10.1% in 13 consecutive sessions on Wednesday, but the dollar lost 29 paise to 217.50 at one point during the trading session, but ended with an increase of 10 paise to 217.89. Happened at the level of Rupees.

Similarly, in the open currency market, the value of the dollar closed at the level of 220.50 rupees with an increase of 1.50 rupees.

Economists say that the visit of the finance minister to the United States has positive expectations for negotiations with international financial institutions, while the announcement of a $10 million flood relief fund by Germany has appealed to 54 countries of the United Nations to provide relief to Pakistan. There are also hopes of cooperation with Pakistan, which is likely to keep the Pakistani rupee stable.

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