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Security bail of Imran Khan approved in Funding Case

Court stopped the FIA ​​from arresting Imran Khan.

Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court has approved Imran Khan’s protective bail on the request of Chairman PTI to avoid arrest in the case filed by FIA in the prohibited funding case.

During the hearing, the court inquired why the special court is not listening to this request of FIA. , on which Additional Attorney General Manoor Iqbal Dogal said that one section of the Foreign Exchange Regulation is attached, it also becomes the authority of the Sessions Judge. At this stage, the special court can hear the bail application.

Chief Justice Athar Minullah remarked that Imran Khan’s security bond is approved. The Chief Justice while talking to Imran Khan’s lawyer said that he is keeping this application pending, if the issue is not resolved then he will hear it again.

Later, the court granted Imran Khan’s protective bail for five thousand rupees till Tuesday and stopped the FIA ​​from arresting Imran Khan. The court said that you can file pre-arrest bail in the concerned court. The court adjourned the case for further hearing till Tuesday. Later, Imran Khan left Islamabad High Court.

Earlier, the Chief Justice Islamabad High Court had ordered not to arrest Imran Khan while hearing the request of Chairman PTI to avoid arrest in the case filed by FIA.

In the Prohibited Funding Case, while giving arguments in the hearing of the case registered under the Foreign Exchange Act, the lawyer said that 2 co-accused of Imran Khan approached the Banking Court for bail, both the Banking Court and the Special Judge Central Court refused to listen. .

Lawyer Salman Safdar took a stand that there is a fear of Imran Khan’s arrest. The Chief Justice inquired that in your opinion, in which court should the prohibited funding case go? To which the lawyer replied that the prohibited funding case should go to the court of the Special Judge Central.

The Chief Justice inquired that where is Imran Khan? Why didn’t they appear? On which the lawyer said that if the court orders, Imran Khan will appear in court immediately. The police have surrounded Imran Khan’s house in Bani Gala. The Islamabad High Court ordered not to arrest Imran Khan until his court appearance and directed that the administration should not even harass Imran Khan.

Strict security arrangements were made before the appearance of Imran Khan in the High Court, later Imran Khan reached the Islamabad High Court surrounded by tight security.

It should be noted that in the case registered under the Foreign Exchange Act in the prohibited funding case, former Prime Minister Imran Khan approached the Islamabad High Court to avoid arrest by the FIA. It was said that the FIA ​​has registered a case under the Foreign Exchange Act. The court should grant protective bail so that the concerned can appear in the court. In Imran Khan’s application, a hearing was requested today.


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